Meet the Reps

We have 19 teams of up to 8 reps for each hall across all campuses at the University of Nottingham, and two rep teams for Medicine and Physiotherapy students due to the high demand of their courses. These wonderful volunteers have a range of responsibilities including selling tickets for our social events, partaking in a variety of Kontact events in the local community, promoting our fundraising challenges and running weekly Rag Raids for their halls.




Jake Wharmby, Wayne Chan, Hugo Ellison, Ellie Wareham, Camilla Szamfeber & Jonny Collins

Broadgate Park

David Stein, Charlotte Clark, Natalie Maher, Eamonn Kearns, Emma de Waal, Georgia Henley, Sam Howard & Rory McNulty


Tom Clowes, Vishal Gossain, Katie Clough, David Eso, Emily Smith & Max Richards


Clare Rennie, Ben Clare, Tony Scholefield, Dylan Vincent, Jonny Bywater & Cory Rosina


Anish Chandegra, Charlie Byrne, Felix Goodenough, Chris Bennet, Liam White & Freddie Slendebroek

Florence Boot

Aikam Hundal, Florence Lancashire, Kane Suppel, Lydia White, John Cossee & Matt Bates

Hugh Stewart

Laura Watson, Chris Plant, Bethany Scott, Cameron Walker, Kate Poland & Fraser Mackenzie


Ulaa Majewska, Kamal Ghalwash, Hassan Khan, Mayoon Ravichandran & Alex G-J


Nick Egan, Lois Cheung, AJ Marnu, Sophie Dowdell, Karim Abu-Seer & Georgie Bennett


Sam Masters, Kim Hemans, Chloe Read, Ryan Jakes & Jack Tolliday


Sofia, George Wager, Beti Garside, Michael Stackhouse, Eleanor Plews & Charlie Pullin


Miles Dolman, Megan Dillon, Joey Calder-Smith, Roz Mason, Phoebe Brown & James Rodwell-Shield


Anya Lotay, Julien Banchilhon, Beth Thomas & Natasha Blazeka


Barnaby Dathan, Lydia Botham, Adam Grieve, Toni McCormack, Monika Potomska, Sophie Bunte


Brogan Watkins, Howard Allison, Ian Ensor, Rosie Pagnotta, Rorie Wallace, Jonny Waters

Sutton Bonnington

Ellie McLoughlin, Kotryna Surkeviviule, Matt French, Meg Moore & Zak Brown


Andy Foulkes, Bex Harding, Joshua Battaliou, Morgan-Lucille Smith, Ollie Haselden & Tristan Free

St. Peter’s Court

Alysia Hill, Beth Merryweather, Jason Hayes & Cat Aitken


Ben Brown, Niall O’Hara, Rachel Murray, Nick Page, Sian Patterson & Tom Byrne